Toronto Bluejays

Rogers Centre

Location: Toronto - Ontario, CANADA
Market: Major League Baseball

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Rogers Center is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. The size and scope of the project includes incorporating an 8,076 square foot scoreboard and maximizing the space between the scoreboard and the famous hotel in straightaway center. New displays in the left and right field (by the respective foul poles) were added, and the project involved revamping much of the technology in the control room as well.

The addition of single-mode fiber to augment the existing broadcast cable infrastructure was added providing the best possible bandwidth for broadband applications.  Another important technology element was the addition of SMPTE camera fiber trunks, which were installed as part of the Central Equipment Room. These trunks consist of a hybrid fiber/copper cable along with connectors of the same composition. It’s typically used in applications in which HD cameras are used to shoot live sporting events and live news feed.

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