Fiber 9.2mm SMPTE 311M cable: direct burial - HFCDB

Clark Wire & Cable’s HFCDB is a precision engineered SMPTE 311M cable designed for use in permanent installation applications. With two single-mode fibers for multiplexed video, audio and data, the HFCDB delivers exceptionally low-loss for HD camera to CCU interconnects. All copper conductors are insulated with a polyethylene dielectric for exceptional heat and current leakage resistance. For added durability, the two single-mode fiber elements are coated with a high tensile strength CPE tight buffer that achieves three times the tensile strength as compared to typical PVC tight buffer compounds. For direct burial applications, the HFCDB features a puncture resistant polyethylene outer jacket and a water-blocking tape that wraps around the inner core to provide an additional level of protection by absorbing moisture in the event the jacket is penetrated.

This item has been replaced with HFCDBR and has limited inventory. Ask about special price offers. 

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