Tone & Probe Kit - 801K


The Tempo Communications 801K Premium Tone and Probe Kit is a wire and pair tracing tool that is both universally compatible and virtually noise immune for fast, accurate wire identification. The 801K tone generator and amplifier work together to meet the requirements of today’s technician.

The 801K Tone and Probe Kit includes the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator and the 200FP Inductive Amplifier in a rugged woven polyester carrying case. The 801K represents the top-of-the-range in wire and cable identification. When first turned on the 200FP is in the normal tone probe mode, detecting and playing most voice frequency signals. With a short press of the control button, the probe enters the filtered mode, eliminating the hum and buzz created by light fixtures and power lines.

Patented – Patent #6946850


$183.01 / each

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