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Clark Upgrades To 4K Video

Clark Wire & Cable™, a leader in broadcast, entertainment, and professional AV interconnect technology, has announced that their CD Series of digital coax has been upgraded for 4K video transmission.

The Clark CD series of digital video coax, which includes sizes from miniature 23AWG up to RG11 14AWG, has been upgraded to a 6GHz bandwidth for compatibility with uncompressed 4K - 3Gb/s digital video formats. The CD Series is Clark's industry standard and premier coax for digital video applications that features precision diameter solid copper center conductors, a gas-injected foam dielectric, a foil plus braid shield, and an easy to install and strip jacket - all in a UL rated construction.

“Clark’s CN426C6AS cable supports 10G Ethernet and has a bandwidth of 500 MHz. making it, not only light weight, but able to perform at higher frequencies and with longer link lengths than standard Category6 cabling.

“To ensure performance in 4K systems, Clark has increased it performance rating on the CD Series coax", stated Scott Fehl, Director of Marketing at Clark Wire & Cable. "The change means that we now certify and sweep-test each reel up to 6GHz for all critical electrical characteristics. This ensures our CD Series meets or exceeds the SMPTE XXXX requirements for a 4K - 3Gb/s serial data stream over coax".

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