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Optical Fiber Cable

9.2mm SMPTE 311M Cable: Extra-Flexible HFCTP
9.2mm SMPTE 311M Cable: Heavy Duty HFCPU
9.2mm SMPTE 311M Cable: UL Riser Rated HFCPV
9.2mm SMPTE 311M Cable: Direct Burial HFCDB
9.2mm SMPTE 311M Cable: Direct Burial CMR HFCDBR
16mm SMPTE 311M Cable: Double Jacketed HFCDJ
Single Channel Hybrid Cable: Plenum HFCPL
Three Channel Hybrid Cable: Riser HFC3R
Three Channel Hybrid Cable: Plenum HFC3P
Three Channel Hybrid Cable: Direct Burial HFC3DB
Three Channel Hybrid Cable: Direct Burial CMR HFC3DBR
Electrical Cable for SMPTE-311M CW-1622
Electrical Cable for SMPTE-311M: Plenum CW-1622P
Composite Fiber Part Number
Three Audio + TAC4 SM Composite Cable FCC3A4S
Tactical Fiber Part Number
Tactical Distribution DMT-T Series
Tactical Distribution: Double Jacketed Extreme DMT-TE Series
Tactical Breakout BMT-T Series
Permanent Install Fiber Part Number
Riser Rated Distribution DR Series
Riser Rated Armored - Indoor DRIA Series
Plenum Rated Armored - Indoor DPIA Series
Riser Rated Armored - Indoor/Outdoor DRIOA Series
Plenum Rated Armored - Indoor/Outdoor DPIOA Series
Riser Rated Breakout BR Series
Plenum Rated Distribution DP Series
Plenum Rated Interlocking Armored DPIA Series
Plenum Rated Breakout BP Series
Simplex and Duplex Fiber Part Number
Riser Rated Simplex CWF-01**R
Riser Rated Duplex CWF-02**R
Plenum Rated Simplex CWF-01**P
Plenum Rated Duplex CWF-02**P

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