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Canare Crimp Assembly  
75 Ohm BNC, F, and RCA Crimp Plugs

1. Slide crimp sleeve over cable.

2. Strip cable jacket using Canare TS-Series Coax Strippers
(see mm dimensions)

3. Place contact pin on center conductor. Using the TC-1 hand tool and appropriate die set, crimp center pin as shown in diagram. (Do not leave a gap between rear of the pin and cable insulation end.)

4. Flair braided shield to aid insertion of connector body.

5. Push cable with crimped pin into body housing until you detect an audible "snap". (Jamming the pin may bend center conductor and damage connector dielectric.)

6. Lightly tug cable (@ 4.5 lbs/20 kgs) to verify that pin is properly seated in body housing.
7. Slide crimp sleeve up against the body and place in tool die.
8. Complete assembly by crimping down on sleeve to form hex.
Flair gap at sleeve end is normal and allows cable jacket extra flexing room.
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