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RG11 Direct Burial Digital Triax Camera Cable



Low-Loss RG11 Size - low attenution for extended distance applications

3 GHz Bandwidth - extended bandwidth for digital transmission

100% Sweep Tested- network analyzer quality control for consistitent performance

Gas-Injected Dielectric - achieves precision electrical performance and mechanical strength

Direct Burial Construction - puncture resistant jacket and water-blocking tape barrier

The TV7511DB is a precision RG11 triaxial cable for digital or analog camera applications. Built for modern digital video standards, the TV7511DB features a gas-injected dielectric, a 3GHz bandwidth, certified return loss specifications and a precision 75Ω characteristic impedance. The center conductor is made from 14AWG solid bare copper for the lowest available attentuation in a triaxial cable. For direct burial applications, the TV7511DB features a virtually impenetrable polyethylene outer jacket and a water-blocking tape that wraps around the inner core. This construction is extremely puncture resistant and provides an additional level of protection by absorbing moisture within the water-blocking tape in the event that the jacket is penetrated.


Materials and Dimentions

Center Conductor

14AWG Solid BC .064" O.D.


Gas-Injected Foam PE, .285" O.D.

Inner Shield

95% BC Braid

Inner Belt

PVC, .365" O.D.

Outer Shield 95% BC Braid
Barrier Water-Blocking Tape
Outer Jacket PVC
Overall Diameter .475"
Available Colors



Cross Sectional Diagram


Mechanical Performance

Pulling Tension Bend Radius Weight
170 lbs max.

4.8" min.

130 lbs/Mft


Electrical Characterisitics

Impedance Return Loss DCR Capacitance Velocity of Prop.
75Ω (+/- 3)

>22 dB (1MHz - 1GHz)

>15dB (1MHz - 3GHz)

Conductor: 2.5 Ω/Mft

Inner Shield: 1.6 Ω/Mft

Outer Shield: 1.5 Ω/Mft

16.2 pF/ft 84%


Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100ft) Attenuation (db/100m)
1 0.14 0.46
3.6 0.28 0.92
10 0.42 1.4
71.5 1.1 3.6
135 1.5 4.9
270 2.3 7.5
360 2.7 10.2
720 4.0 13.1
1000 5.0 16.4
1500 6.3 20.7
2250 7.9 25.9
3000 9.6 31.5


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