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Thin Profile Composite A/V Snake Cables


RCC-D Series

Miniature 23AWG Coaxes - reduces overall diameter and cable weight

22AWG Audio Pairs - low-loss twisted-pairs for balanced audio applications

4.5 GHz Coax Bandwidth - meets or exceeds SMPTE 292M and 424M standards for HD/SDI

100% Sweep Tested- network analyzer quality control for consistitent performance

Color Coded Elements - uniquely identifies each channel

TPE Outer Jacket - flexible and rugged for staging and remote broadcast applications

The RCC-D series cables are hybrid audio and video cables designed for remote broadcast, staging and production environments. Each video element is a CD7523 miniature 23AWG HD/SDI coax cable that is rated to 4.5GHz for high definition SMPTE 424M, 292M and 259M video data transmission. The audio elements are made from Clark’s SPA22GS low-loss 22AWG single-pair cables. Each audio and video element is uniquely color coded for quick identification. The outer jacket is extruded from a TPE compound that is extra-flexible, rugged and abrasion resistant.


Materials & Dimentions

Audio Elements

22AWG (7x30) TC Conductors (2 per single-pair)

Polypropylene Insulation .008" wall (red & black)

100% Bonded Foil Shield

22AWG (7x30) TC Drain Wire

PVC Pair Jacket .132" O.D.

Video Elements

23AWG Solid BC Conductor (1 per coax)

Gas-Injected Foam PE, .100" O.D.

100% Foil & 95% TC Braid Shields

PVC Coax Jacket, .159"

Overall Jacket

Black TPE


Product Variations

Part Number Coaxes Coax Color Code Audio Pairs Audio Color Code O.D. Weight Bend Radius
RCC2V3AD 2 Black, White 3 Brown, Red, Orange .550" 152 lbs/Mft 5.3"
RCC2V5AD 2 Black, White 5 Brown, Red,Orange, Yellow, White .580" 190 lbs/Mft 5.8"


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characterisitics

Impedance Return Loss DC Resistance Operating Temperature Capacitance Velocity of Prop.

Coax Elements:

75Ω (+/- 2)

Coax Elements:

>23 dB (1MHz - 1.5GHz)

>21 dB (1.5GHz - 4.5GHz)

Coax Elements:

20 Ω/Mft (conductor)

7.6 Ω/Mft (shield)


Single-Pair Elements:

Conductor: 14.4 Ω/Mft

Drain & Shield: 12.5 Ω/Mft

-30degC to +75degC

Coax Elements:

16.4 pF/ft


Single-Pair Elements:

25.7 pF/ft between conductors, 47.3 pF/ft between one conductor and other in common with shield

Coax Elements:



Coax Attenuation

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100ft) Attenuation (db/100m)
1 0.38 1.25
3.6 0.78 2.56
10 1.2 3.94
71.5 3.0 9.84
135 3.8 12.5
270 5.4 17.7
360 6.2 20.3
720 9.3 30.5
1000 10.5 34.4
1500 13.0 42.6
2250 16.0 52.5
3000 18.5 60.7
4500 22.8 74.8


Video Transmission Distances

Data Rate


Maximum Distance


270 Mb/s



360 Mb/s



1.485 Gb/s

SMPTE 292M Uncompressed

185' - 315'

3 Gb/s

SMPTE 424M Uncompressed

135' - 211'


Recommended Connectors

Brand Type Spec Part Number Get Quote
ADC BNC Details BNC-13-N
Amphenol BNC Details BNC-112521
Canare BNC Details BCP-C25F
ADC RCA Details CRCA-13
ADC F-TYPE Details CF-13
ICM RCA Compression - Nickel Details SS-RCA-DSM
ICM RCA Compression - Gold Details SS-RCA-DSMG


Recommended Tools

Brand Type Spec Part Number Get Quote
Clark Crimp Tool & Die Details TOOL-8
Clark Crimp Tool - Frame Only Details TOOL-FRAME
Clark Die Set Details DIE-8
Canare Crimp Tool   TC-1
Canare Crimp Die   TCD-35CA


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