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SMPTE Type Plenum Hybrid Fiber Cable



9.2mm Low-Profile Diameter - thin-profile, industry standard size

UL Listed CMP - plenum rated for permanent installation applications

Low-Loss 9u Single-Mode Fiber- high-bandwidth, low-loss type fiber for high data rates

High Tensile Strength Tight Buffer - tripple the tensile strength for added durability

Easy-to-Pull - low-friction jacket eases installation in conduit

Clark Wire & Cable’s HFCPL is a hybrid fiber camera cable designed for installation in plenum air spaces. With two single-mode fibers for multiplexed video, audio and data, the HFCPL delivers exceptionally low-loss for HD camera to CCU interconnects. All copper conductors are insulated with a FEP dielectric for exceptional heat and current leakage resistance. For added durability, the two single-mode fiber elements are coated with a high tensile strength FEP tight buffer. The outer jacket is extruded from a high temperature PVDF compound that is easy-to-pull through conduit and UL listed CMP.


Materials & Dimentions

Fiber Elements

(2) 8.9u Single-Mode, 900u FEP Tight Buffer

(one yellow, one blue)

Aux Elements

(4) 20AWG (19 x 32AWG) TC Conductors, FEP Insulation .056 O.D.

(two black, two white)

Signal Elements

(2) 24AWG (7 x 32AWG) TC Conductors, FEP Insulation .044 O.D.

(one red, one grey)

Strength Member

(1) 16AWG Galvanized Steel (19 x 29AWG)


Shield 95% TC Braid
Outer Jacket

Plenum PVC

.259” O.D.


Cross Sectional Diagram


Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile Strength Bend Radius Operating Temperature Weight UL Listing
700 N (min) 1.81" -30degC to +150degC 79 lbs CMP


Optical and Electrical Characterisitics

Insulation Resistance DCR Dielectric Strength Optical Attenuation

Aux: >10M Ω/Mft

Signal: >10M Ω/Mft

Aux: 9.6 Ω/Mft

Signal: 23.5 Ω/Mft

Shield: 5.2 Ω/Mft

3000V RMS

<0.70 dB/km

(1250nm - 1625nm)


Recommended Connectors

Gender Mount Brand Part Number
Plug In-Line Lemo FUW.3K.93C.TLMC96
Plug Bulkhead Panel - Square Lemo FMW.3K.93C.TLMC96Z
Socket In-Line Lemo PUW.3K.93C.TLCC96
Socket Bulkhead Panel - Square Lemo PBW.3K.93C.TLCC96Z
Socket Bulkhead Panel - Round Lemo PEW.3K.93C.TLCC96Z



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