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SMPTE 311M 16mm Double Jacketed Camera Cable



16mm Double Jacketed Design - extra-durable and terminates with standard 9.2mm connectors

Extra-Flexible & Abrasion Resistant - suitable for use in studio or remote environments

Low-Loss 9u Single-Mode Fiber- high-bandwidth, low-loss type fiber for high data rates

Directional Arrow on Jacket- designates plug end for proper termination and installation

SMPTE 311M-2009 Compliant - meets or exceeds specifications in latest SMPTE revision

High Tensile Strength Tight Buffer - tripple the tensile strength for added durability

For Remote, ENG and Studio Use - durable and flexible design for multiple applications

Clark Wire & Cable’s HFCDJ is a precision engineered SMPTE 311M cable designed for use in portable, studio or hostile environment applications. With two single-mode fibers for multiplexed video, audio and data, the HFCDJ delivers exceptionally low-loss for HD camera to CCU interconnects. All copper conductors are insulated with a polyethylene dielectric for exceptional heat and current leakage resistance. For added durability, the two single-mode fiber elements are coated with a high tensile strength CPE tight buffer that achieves three times the tensile strength as compared to typical PVC tight buffer compounds. The outer jacket is constructed from two layers. The inner jacket is the standard 9.2mm diameter size that can be terminated with Lemo SMPTE 304M connectors. The outer jacket is an oversized 16mm diameter PU jacket that provides additional durability and can be stripped away separately from the inner 9.2mm jacket.


Materials & Dimentions

Fiber Elements

(2) 8.9u Single-Mode, 900u CPE Tight Buffer

(one yellow, one blue)

Aux Elements

(4) 20AWG (19 x 32AWG) TC Conductors, PE Insulation .057 O.D.

(two black, two white)

Signal Elements

(2) 24AWG (7 x 32AWG) TC Conductors, PE Insulation .044 O.D.

(one red, one grey)

Strength Member

(1) 16AWG Galvanized Steel (19 x 29AWG)


Shield 95% TC Braid
Inner Jacket

PVC 9.2mm (.362”) O.D.

Outer Jacket

PU 16mm (.630”) O.D.


Cross Sectional Diagram


Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile Strength Bend Radius Operating Temperature Weight
700 N (min) 6.3" -20degC to +75degC 195 lbs per 1000'


Optical and Electrical Characterisitics

Insulation Resistance DCR Dielectric Strength Optical Attenuation

Aux: >10M Ω/Mft

Signal: >10M Ω/Mft

Aux: 9.6 Ω/Mft

Signal: 23.5 Ω/Mft

Shield: 5.2 Ω/Mft

3000V RMS

<0.70 dB/km

(1250nm - 1625nm)


Recommended Connectors

Gender Mount Brand Part Number
Plug In-Line Lemo FUW.3K.93C.TLMC96
Plug In-Line Kings 7765-3-3
Plug Bulkhead Panel - Square Lemo FMW.3K.93C.TLMC96Z
Socket In-Line Lemo PUW.3K.93C.TLCC96
Socket In-Line Kings 7763-3-3
Socket Bulkhead Panel - Square Lemo PBW.3K.93C.TLCC96Z
Socket Bulkhead Panel - Round Lemo PEW.3K.93C.TLCC96Z



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