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Three-Channel Riser-Rated Hybrid Camera Cable



UL Listed CMR - riser rated for permanent installation applications

Low-Loss 9u Single-Mode Fiber- high-bandwidth, low-loss type fiber for high data rates

Color Coded Copper Sub Groups - copper elements are color stiped for identification

Numerically Printed Fiber Elements- simplex fibers are numbered for identification

High Tensile Strength Tight Buffer - tripple the tensile strength for added durability

Outer PVC Jacket - low-friction jacket eases installation in conduit

Clark’s HFC3R is a composite cable that is specifically designed for the distribution of all the copper and fiber elements required for three SMPTE hybrid fiber camera positions within a single cable. Each shielded copper group contains two 18AWG auxiliary conductors and two 24AWG signal conductors with a drain wire for shield termination. The fiber elements consist of six individual simplex single-mode breakout cables that are numerically printed for identification. UL Rated CMR, the HFC3R is constructed from flame retardant PVC compounds to allow for permanent installation in most building spaces.


Materials & Dimentions

Fiber Elements

(6) 8.9u Single-Mode, 3.0mm Simplex Fiber (Numbered 1 - 6)

Copper Sub Groups

(3) Shielded Bundles that each consist of:

2 - 18AWG (19x30AWG) TC Conductors w/ .078 PVC Insulation

2 - 24AWG (7x32AWG) TC Conductors w/ .044 PVC Insulation

1 - 22AWG (7x30AWG) TC Conductor Drain Wire

100% Foil Overall Shield with Outer Mylar Coating

Filler Solid PVC Central Filler
Outer Jacket

PVC, Yellow w/ Red Stripe - .630 O.D.


Cross Sectional Diagram


Mechanical Characteristics

Bend Radius Operating Temperature Weight UL Listing
6.3" -15degC to +75degC 200 lbs CMR


Optical and Electrical Characterisitics

Insulation Resistance DCR Dielectric Strength Optical Attenuation

>10M Ω/Mft

18AWG (19x30): 6.0 Ω/Mft

24AWG (7x32): 23.5 Ω/Mft

22AWG (7x30): 14.4 Ω/Mft

3000V RMS

<0.70 dB/km

(1250nm - 1625nm)




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