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3D HD/SDI Camera Snake Cable



Unique Two-Channel Snake - custom engineered for 3D camera applications

Studio or Remote Applications - flexible and abrasion resistant

Low-Loss RG6 Size - ideal for longer cable runs in studios or facilities

4.5 GHz Bandwidth - meets or exceeds SMPTE 292M and 424M standards for HD/SDI

100% Sweep Tested- network analyzer quality control for constitent performance

Gas-Injected Dielectric - achieves precision electrical performance and mechanical strength

Kiss-Bond™ Foil Shield - installer's preference; leave-on or easy-to-remove bonded foil shield

The CD7506D is a precision, two-channel RG6 HD/SDI coax snake for 3D camera applications. Built for studio or remote applications the CD7506D features a round TPE jacket that is both flexible and abrastion resistant. Each of the CD series RG6 coax elements feature precision 75 Ohm impedances and 4.5 GHz bandwidths for the latest SMPTE 292M and 424M digital video standards. Also built for easy termination, the CD series coax elements have easy-to-strip jackets and Clark's unique Kiss Bond™ bonded foil shield that can either be left on removed during connector termination.


Mechanical Specifications

Part Number Get Quote Coax Elements O.D. Master Jacket Weight
CD7506D 2 - RG6 .650" TPE 132 lbs/Mft


Coax Conductor Coax Insulation Coax Shielding Coax O.D.
18 AWG Bare Copper

Foam PE

Gas Injected

100% Aluminum Foil

95% T.C Braid



Min. Bend Radius Operating Temperature Max. Pulling Tension
6.5 inches -30degC to +75degC 140 lbs


Electrical Characterisitics

Impedance Return Loss DCR Capacitance Velocity of Prop.
75Ω (+/- 2)

>23 dB (1MHz - 1.5MHz)

>21dB (1.5MHz - 4.5GHz)

6.4 Ω/Mft (conductor)

2.8 Ω/Mft (shield)

16.3 pF/ft 83%


Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100ft) Attenuation (db/100m)
1 0.22 0.72
3.6 0.43 1.41
10 0.70 2.30
71.5 1.60 5.25
135 2.10 6.89
270 2.9 9.5
360 3.4 11.2
720 4.9 16.1
1000 5.8 19.0
1500 7.3 23.9
2250 9.1 29.9
3000 10.6 34.8
4500 13.3 43.6


Video Transmission Distances

Data Rate


Maximum Distance


270 Mb/s



360 Mb/s



1.485 Gb/s

SMPTE 292M Uncompressed

351' - 570'

3 Gb/s

SMPTE 424M Uncompressed

240' - 376'


Recommended Connectors

Brand Type Spec Part Number Get Quote
ADC BNC Details BNC-8
ADC F-Type (2pc Crimp) Details CF-8
Canare F-Type (2pc Crimp) Details FP-C53A
Amphenol BNC Details BNC-112565
Canare BNC Details BCP-C53A
ADC RCA Details CRCA-8
Canare RCA Details RCAP-53


Recommended Tools

Brand Type Spec Part Number Get Quote
Clark Crimp Tool & Die Details TOOL-4
Clark Crimp Tool - Frame Only Details TOOL-FRAME
Clark Die Set for TOOL-4 Details DIE-4

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