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UniPatch Multi-Purpose Patchbays


The UniPatch® modular patching system with universal chassis allows you to combine

Data, Audio, and Video patching modules in a single two-rack-unit modular panel.

Order a mix of jack and backplane modules to create a totally custom patching system,

or order a preconfigured panel filled with bantam audio jacks or RS-422 data jacks.

You can start with only a few modules and add or change modules as needed.


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Empty UniPatch chassis, black, supplied with VP-DES-343-32 kit    VP2232-BK
Empty UniPatch chassis, gray, supplied with VP-DES-343-32 kit

Complete Systems - Fully loaded Audio and RS-422 Data Chassis

Front and Rear Modules for  AUDIO  Applications

Unipatch™ Bantam Audio Systems and Modules

The bantam audio jack modules for the UniPatch® system

are perfectly designed for professional digital and analog audio applications.

Unipatch™ AES Balun Systems and Modules

The new patented AES 110 Ohm to 75 Ohm balun modules provide precision impedance matching for interfacing balanced twisted pair AES audio to unbalanced coaxial audio.

Unipatch™ Audio QCP II Rear Module

Unipatch™ Audio QCP II Rear Module, 8-circuit,

for Bantam Audio Applications. 

Unipatch™ Audio EDAC Rear Module

UniPatch™ audio EDAC 3-pin plug rear module, 8-circuit, for audio applications.

Front and Rear Modules for  DATA   Applications

Unipatch™ RS-422 Data Systems and Modules

The UniPatch® Category 3 compliant RS-422 module raises the standard

in machine control patching with its quality and robust design.

Unipatch™ Universal DB-9 Rear Module

DB-9 rear module, white, 8-circuit, RS-422.

Unipatch™ Universal AMP 50-pin Recepticle Rear Module

The UniPatch® Category 3 compliant RS-422 8 circuit module.

Unipatch™ Universal EDAC 90-pin Plug Rear Module

The UniPatch® Category 3 compliant RS-422 8 circuit module.

Unipatch™ Universal QCP II Rear Module

Universal QCP II rear module, white, 8x10-circuit, for data applications.

VIDEO  Modules

Unipatch™ Video Modules

ADC offers a full line of UniPatch® video patching modules, making it easy to assemble a custom video patch panel for any application.

Modules are available for Analog, SD, HD, or Component video.



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