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Audio Patchbays


ADC ProPatch Series

Pro Patch Programmable Series

High Density Patching Systems

The new patented Pro Patch™ Programmable modular system offers unprecedented reliability and flexibility in a convenient, space-saving size and lightweight package.

Pro Patch Professional Audio Patch Bays  

( Enclosed Chassis )

Each panel contains ADC’s high-quality, WECO standard, frame-type jacks and includes a tough powder-coated chassis with built-in cable support and designation strips.

Pro Patch Umbilical Audio Broadcast Jackfields 

( Umbilical Chassis )

ADC broadcast jackfields simplify the task of wiring

rack-mounted panels by separating the jacks from the backplane.

Pro Patch Lite Solder Style Audio Panels

Pro Patch™ Lite is ADC’s line of low-cost,

do-it-yourself audio patch bays.

For ADC quality on a budget, this is the answer.

Switchcraft EZ Norm Series

EZ Norm Patch Bay Series

Easily normal the jacks by rotating to "full", "non", or "half" positions
Center strip removes for normalling access

    Solder Back Patch Bays

TTP96AS Series

The Switchcraft® TTP96AS solder patchbays offers 96 TT jacks, extra wide labeling strips, rugged cable tie bar and a black anodized aluminum face.

MT48 & MT52 Series

The Switchcraft® MT48 & MT52 series solder patchbays feature either 48 or 52 jacks, a rugged cable tie bar and a black anodized aluminum face.

Audio Patching Accessories

Patch Cables

Cable Management


Custom Assembly


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