Video Integrated Orginization Network  - ICON

   The Video ICON® Cable Management


The Video ICON cable organizational network system makes installations of coaxial cable cleaner and identification of cables simpler. These panels are perfect for any application where video cables need to be gathered, such as making connections between racks or organizing cables for inputs to and outputs from a router.

ADC offers a wide variety of these durable powder-coated steel video distribution panels, featuring the outstanding quality and true 75-Ohm performance of our coax bulkhead feedthrough connectors. These connectors are rated at 3 GHz performance, making them suitable for analog, SD, or HD video signals.

Panels are available in 1 RU and 2 RU models as well as a wide range of wall-mount sizes with as few as eight and as many as 96 circuits, in one, F and F to BNC configurations.


Durable Rack-Mounted Bulkhead Panels

The ICON VI series is a complete line of 19-inch (48 cm) rack-mounted bulkhead video cable management panels starting from the small 12-circuit VI-12 panel to the full-sized VI-48 with 48 bulkhead coax circuits.

Each panel is made of the same strong powder-coated steel and uses high-quality 3 GHz coax bulkhead connectors suitable for HDTV.

• VI-12 and VI-16 2 RU panels handle 12 or 16 circuits for small applications,

such as organizing monitor outputs or the inputs and outputs of a small router

• VI-24 and VI-32 2 RU panels provide 24 and 32 circuits for moderately-sized

applications, such as feeding cables to a 32-input router

• The VI-132 (2x32) 1 RU panel provides the largest number of inputs and outputs in the smallest space

• VI-48 2 RU panel handles 48 circuits for larger applications

• Colors available include white, putty white, and black

• Some models include designation strip holders for circuit identification

• Insulated and non-insulated available


Exclusive ADC closed-entry

center pin resists damage

Conventional center pins

prone to damage


12-Circuit BNC Panel

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BNC-BLK-48-75 Ohm

48-circuit BNC Panel

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Wall-Mount Bulkhead Panels

For facilities where rack space is at a premium but wall space is readily available, ADC offers the VIW Video ICON® wall-mount video bulkhead panel series.

These tough powder-coated steel panels mount on the wall and provide from eight to 96 video bulkhead connectors for managing cables between racks or between studios.

Top-quality 3 GHz bulkhead connectors ensure the best video performance from analog to HDTV transmission rates.


8-connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel

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24-connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel

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64-connector Bulkhead

Wall-Mount Panel

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