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Decora Type Wall Plates



      Duplex Wallplates for Keystone Jacks

Offered in Single or Dual Gang styles, the Duplex Wall Plates are designed to allow telecommunications installations to appear consistant with electrical outlets.

Designed to mount to a standard electrical box.


Part #
Description Available Colors
           WPKD-1-(x) Duplex Wall Plate I , FW , W
           WPKD-2-(x) Duplex Wall Plate - Dual Gang I , FW , W
           WPKDMF-(x) Duplex 2 Port Mounting Frame w/ Wall Plate I , FW , W
           WPKDMF2-(x) Duplex 2 port Mounting Frame I , FW , W
           WPKDMF4-(x) Duplex 4 port Mounting Frame I , FW , W


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(x) = Color

I - Ivory     FW - Office White    W- White   




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