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Small Stackable Cable Reelers


Canare has developed a dependable and roadworthy Cable Reel in three useful sizes that keeps cable stored neatly when not in use, yet allows quick deployment without tangles and twisting. A perfect way to facilitate transporting and laying cable. Protect your valuable cable investment with Canare Cable Reels.

All R300 series models have built
in stacking tabs, so Cable Reels
can be placed one on top of the
other for secure transporting and storage.
Special Connector Mounting Plates
The R300L features a special User removable recessed Flange Door & Hub Plate for mounting BNC, F, RCA, or XLR Panel receptacles.


3 Position Brake Lock System
All R-Series models include a 3-position brake lever

Free Spool

(Position 1)

Cable will pull from reel with ease, this position is ideal for rewinding.

Soft Brake

(Position 2)

Cable can be pulled from the reel, but friction prevents excess spillage when cable is pulled quickly.

Full Lock

(Position 3)

Used during transportation, the reel will not rotate, so cable will not spill.

Durable long lasting black finish
Rugged Winding handle
Roll-around removable casters
Snake cable hanger tabs
Exit flange port for snake ends



Tubular Steel Construction
Canare Cable Reels are constructed using tubular steel, with an "E" shaped brace design hich makes them all extremely durable. All R-Series Reels use heavy duty permanently lubricated bearings which will perform as new even after years of hard road use.


Detailed Drawings and Dimensions


Model Size

Weight/ Lbs.

Stackable Casters Connector Mounting Cable Cut-out Hanger
Small 9.5 Yes No No Yes Yes
Small 9.5 Yes No Hub & Flange No Yes
Small 9.5 Yes No

Parallel wired M & F XLR

on Hub & Flange

No Yes
Small 9.5 Yes No

75 Ohm BNC Jack

1 ea. Hub & Flange

No Yes
Medium 17.5 No Yes No No Yes
Medium 17.5 No Yes Hub No Yes
Large 22.0 No Yes No Yes Yes
Large 22.0 No Yes Hub No Yes

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Please use the capacity chart and/or formula to determine length of a given cable that will fit on a specific reel. Formulas are based on a loose wrap winding.

Calculation Formula

Formula Example:
L-4E3-8P Cable O.D. is .603"
93 ÷ (.603 x .603) x .6 = 155

An R380S Cable Reel will hold approx. 155 feet of Canare L-4E3-8P Star Quad multichannel cable.



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