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ADC True 75 ohm BNC Connectors

This connector offers improved performance with true 75 Ohm characteristic impedance through the connector, not just the interface. Also, the straight BNC plug connector prevents damage during test or mating plug termination, has 100 percent guided mating, improved bandwidth performance to three GHz, and comes in sizes for multiple cable types. There is easier, more reliable termination as the gold-plated locking (not captive) center conductor ensures proper alignment during termination.

The straight BNC plug connector is compatible with competitive crimp tools and die sets, with bulk packaging available. BNC plug connectors are universally accepted and are the most reliable method of terminating coaxial cable. They are designed to exceed the rigorous demands of today's network environment and have a tarnish-resistant nickel-plated body and bayonet.

Die Catalog No. Connector Crimp Areas Cable Dielectric/Outside Diameter
Center Pin Hex Flates Distance MM Range Inch Range
MM Inch MM Inch Upper Lower Upper Lower
1.07 0.042 8.23 0.324 5.03 4.57 0.198 0.180


Cable Outer Jacket Diameter
Center Conductor Outside Diameter
Inch Range mm Range Inch Range mm Range
Lower Upper Lower Upper AWG Lower Upper Lower Upper
0.275 0.305 6.99 7.75 18 0.038 0.040 0.97 1.02
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